Esports Arena Halo 5 4v4 Results – 11/29/2020

Yesterday’s Esports Arena 4v4 tournament Top Eight was made up of a variety of players competing with one another as well as a few teams we’re used to seeing. Just LATAM fell from last week’s 4th place placing to 7th/8th along with FireNIce dropping from 3rd to 5th/6th. Falling Esports competed this week with two subs, Rayne and RyaNoob, finishing in 4th. Season 1 Halo 5 Pro Series EU champions, Legend, SLG, and Shaady, grabbed Kimbo as a sub and were able to take 3rd place, while Kansas City Pioneers + bubu fell to EnvySen9 in the Grand Finals. The full Top Eight are listed in the graphic below with the brackets below it. You can sign up now for next week’s tournament.