Esports Arena Halo 5 4v4 Results – 12/6/2020

The LATAM region came out in full effect in yesterday’s Esports Arena weekly Halo 5 4v4, taking four of the Top Eight spots. The newly announced Elevate roster and MGE made their debut, finishing 7th/8th, after falling to Carnage Gaming and Rebel who finished 5th/6th. Turbo Turtles improved their performance from last week’s 7th/8th placing, taking the fourth place spot, while FireNIce also bumped themselves up two spots from last week, finishing third. Pittsburgh Knights were up against Kansas City Pioneers in the Grand Finals, but were unfortunately unable to get revenge after losing to them in the Winner’s Finals and ended up in second place. Registration is currently open for next week’s tournament, taking place on December 13th.