HCS 2021 Update

In the latest Community Update on Halo Waypoint, Tashi has given an update on Halo esports:

  • Online tournaments will continue in 2021. As we all know COVID-19 is still an issue globally and LAN events aren’t a thing that are feasible right now. Tashi has stated recently that Halo 5 and MCC tournaments will continue in early 2021. There have been many requests that tournaments hosted by FACEIT move to a double-elimination format, and Tashi confirms that it is currently being worked on. They are also adding more administration staff and new processes for a smoother operation. LAN events are still a possibility depending on the health climate of the world. They are working with the Global Microsoft Security and Events team and following their guidance regarding this issue.
  • HCS still plans to return (when possible) with a 12-month roadmap laying out all the events taking place globally. We should expect to see this before Halo Infinite’s release. The Halo World Championship will feature a minimum prize pool of $1,000,000.
  • As previously mentioned, HCS now has a partnership program to work with teams and esports organizations involved with the HCS. Ideas and plans are shared and feedback is gathered to establish a healthy relationship between both parties.
  • Monthly updates are coming revolving around Halo esports. The series, called “Designing the Halo esports ecosystem” will provide a closer look at what the HCS has planned and what goes into executing them. The series will begin in January 2021.