MCC Playlist Update – 12/16/2020

We’ve posted the details from the latest MCC Playlist Update (from Halo Waypoint) for you below.

New Toys/Features

  • Ability to filter incoming chat
  • Halo 3 tech suits available for Spartan Customization

Playlist Update

  • Introducing Community Forge Test! Featuring maps from ForgeHub, this category will be live for three weeks with some map/modes making their way into matchmaking after
    • New maps: Athlon, Mainstage, Mirage, Traumatica, Basilisk, Carnival, Gauntlet, Genesis, and Serpent
      • Athlon (Foundry) by ArturBloodshot features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, KOTH
      • Basilisk (Sandbox) by DeeDorr features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, and KotH
      • Mainstage (Foundry) by Sam Malone xbl features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, KOTH
      • Mirage (Foundry) by EvaduR features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, Neutral Bomb Assault, KOTH, Oddball
      • Traumatica (Foundry) by Danger Tanner features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF
      • Carnival (Sandbox) by DeeDorr features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF
      • Gauntlet (Sandbox) by Sir Veyza and The Grim Dealer features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, Neutral Bomb Assault, KOTH
      • Genesis (Sandbox) by ZombieVillan features: Slayer, Multi Flag CTF, KOTH, Oddball
      • Serpent (Sandbox) by Kabe features: Slayer, KOTH
  • Grifball is retired until next month

Additional Updates/Fixes

  • Increased respawn time to 10 seconds in H4 Squad Battle objective game types
  • Reworked Dominion objective ordnance in H4 Squad Battle
  • Fixed an issue where Active Camo pick-up respawned instantly on Multicog