Halo 5 Pro Series NA Season 3 Pro Tournament #2 Results – 2/27/2021

The North American Season 3 Championship in the Halo 5 Pro Series is next week and today, we saw a preview of what we can expect in the second North American Pro Tournament. The Top Eight teams from last week’s Open Tournament faced off against the Top Eight from the first Pro Tournament, starting off in a group stage. The Top Two teams from each group then moved onto the single-elimination bracket portion of the tournament to try and claim the championship as well as get a nice piece of the $5,000 prize pool. You can find more information on each stage of the tournament by clicking on their respective links. Next week, the North American Season 3 Championship takes place and will be streamed live on Halo’s Twitch channel.

Group Stage

Single-Elimination Bracket

EDIT: The prize pool payouts were 1st – $2,000, 2nd – $1,000, 3rd – $600, 4th – $400, 5th/6th – $300, 7th/8th – $200.