Esports Arena Halo 5 4v4 Results – 2/28/2021

EDIT: The distribution of the prize pool was 1st – $600, 2nd – $300, 3rd – $100.

Esports Arena‘s weekly Halo 5 4v4 tournaments have returned and we saw some great competition this past weekend. Also returning were Frosty and friends, who claimed first place as Final, defeating Articc in the Winner’s Finals as well as the Grand Finals. Miyagi Do lost to Articc, finishing third, but not before knocking out Kansas City Pioneers in Loser’s Semi-Finals. Some of Europe’s best players competed as LegeeendZ and finished fifth/sixth alongside Flyers with some LATAM competitors, Carnage Gaming and 2020 Fire Fire, rounding out the Top Eight. You can sign up now for next Sunday’s tournament.