Blue Team Tournaments Announce Rainbow Road

Community TO, Blue Team Tournaments, have been teasing at a big project they’ve been working on called Rainbow Road. Details on the project have finally been revealed.

Rainbow Road is a $10,000 eight-game Free-For-All series put on by Blue Team Tournaments, PennHalo, Click Gaming, Console Gaming League, and GTHalo that spans across every Halo title, ending with Halo Infinite. Starting in April, there will be two qualifier tournaments and one championship tournament per title each month. The top four players from each qualifier will advance to that title’s championship, except for Halo 5 which will be the top three. The winner of each championship will be invited to the Halo Infinite Invitational. The eighth and final player for the Invitational will be chosen randomly from a pool of players that finished second through fourth in a championship tournament. Players who finish second through fourth in multiple championships will increase their chances to be picked for the Invitational. If a player win’s a championship for one title, they are allowed to compete in future tournaments. However, if they win again, they will only win the prize money and the Invitational spot will go to the next available player. All tournaments except Halo 5 will be played on MCC and cross-play will be supported. Halo 5 will be played on Xbox.

There will be prize pools (USD) for each tournament. All qualifiers will split $200 to the top two players (1st – $150, 2nd – $50). Championship prize pools will be $600 (1st – $400, 2nd – $150, 3rd – $50) and the Grand Championship will have a $3,000 prize pool (1st – $1,800, 2nd – $800, 3rd – $300, 4th – $100).

Here’s a roadmap of the series (dates subject to change):

Halo Reach

  • Qualifier #1 – April 11th
  • Qualifier #2 – April 18th
  • Championship – April 25th
  • Hosted by Penn Halo & Blue Team Tournaments

Halo: Combat Evolved

  • Qualifier #1 – May 15th
  • Qualifier #2 – May 22nd
  • Championship – May 29th
  • Hosted by Click Gaming & Blue Team Tournaments

Halo 2

  • Qualifier #1 – June 12th
  • Qualifier #2 – June 19th
  • Championship – June 26th
  • Hosted by Click Gaming & Blue Team Tournaments

Halo 2 Anniversary

  • Qualifier #1 – July 10th
  • Qualifier #2 – July 17th
  • Championship – July 24th
  • Hosted by Click Gaming & Blue Team Tournaments

Halo 3

  • TBD

Halo 4

  • TBD

Halo 5

  • TBD

Halo Infinite

  • TBD

For a complete breakdown of rules and regulations, view the Google Doc provided by Blue Team Tournaments.