Halo 5 Pro Series NA Season 4 Pro Tournament #1 Results – 3/20/2021

The Top Eight teams from Season 3’s NA Championship were put into a double-elimination bracket with the Top Eight teams from the first NA Open Tournament of Season 4 for the first Pro Tournament of the season. There was a $5,000 prize pool up for grabs going out to the Top Eight teams, which you can check out below. Finishing in 7th/8th was Falling Esports and Team Force. In 5th/6th was FLYERS and Ambush, who won the first Open Tournament. Kansas City Pioneers took 4th while Sentinels were defeated by Cloud9 in Loser’s Finals. C9 then went onto face the Season 3 champions, Inconceivable in the Grand Finals. They were able to reset the bracket and win the second series, taking home $2,000 and the championship. You can find the bracket and more information on the tournament over at the tournament’s FACEIT page.

EDIT: The prize pool payouts were 1st – $2,000, 2nd – $1,000, 3rd – $600, 4th – $400, 5th/6th – $300, 7th/8th – $200