Halo 3 MCC Pro Series Results – 3/21/2021

The battle between The Green Cats and H3 Team continues on as the two teams found themselves in the Grand Finals once again in this week’s Halo 3 MCC Pro Series. H3 Team were sent down to the Lower Bracket after losing to The Green Cats in Winner’s Finals. However, they were able to defeat spoon platoon, who placed 5th/6th last week, and make their way to the Grand Finals for a rematch. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to pull off back-to-back victories this time, losing the series 3-1. FLYERS found themselves in 4th place this week, 3KV moving up from last week’s 7th/8th placing to 5th/6th this week alongside Drown. Antimatter got bumped down a spot to 7th/8th from last week and rounded out the Top Eight with A Nice Family. If you want to view the bracket or more information on the tournament, head over to the event’s page on FACEIT. Registration for next week’s tournament is open.