New HCS Grassroots Partners Announced

The next wave of HCS Grassroots partners were announced today. Coming from the “land down under” is Monza. She’s currently a content creator for Mindfreak and a competitor in the ANZ region. Next is a familiar face to Halo esports:  2008 Halo 3 U.S. Champion and now content creator/analyst, Elamite. Taquin aka The Reach Way is a content creator that has some of the most clever and fun content we’ve seen. Up next is is OathxX. She plays a variety of Halo titles and has one of the friendliest communities, so be sure to tune in to one of her streams. Last but not least is Paradise Halo. You’ve probably seen content from these guys before, as they put out some of the more informative and visually pleasing videos surrounding Halo esports. Congratulations to everyone! You can read the official announcement over at Waypoint.