Esports Arena Kellogg’s Halo 5 FFA Qualifier #3 Results – 5/2/2021

Time is ticking for players to earn their spot in the $15,000 Finals of the Kellogg’s $25K Halo 5 Tournament Series. The competition in the third qualifier was just as fierce as it was in the first two, with top players from the scene fighting to claim their spot in the Finals. After competing in the first two qualifiers, Renegade was able to secure his spot by taking first place while StelluR will also be advancing as he placed second. You can find more information on this qualifier over at it’s page on Mogul. There’s only one qualifier left! The final one will take place next Sunday, May 9th. Be sure to give Esports Arena a follow on Twitter for a chance to enter as they’ve been doing registration code giveaways.