Esports Arena Kellogg’s $25K Halo 5 Series Finale Results – 5/16/2021

After four weeks of free-for-all qualifiers, the Finals of the Esports Arena Kellogg’s $25,000 Halo 5 Series took place yesterday. There was $15,000 up for grabs (the other $10,000 went to qualifier prize pools) with first place taking home $10,000 of it all for themselves. Many pros we know and love competed in a double-elimination 1v1 bracket with some top amateurs and I think it’s safe to say the results shocked everyone. Two of the best players in Halo 5 and tournament favorites, Frosty and Saiyan, were eliminated in the first round by Manny and the gold sTarBR, who were then both sent down to the Loser’s Bracket in Round 2, where Vemzii (shown as Triskau) sent the gold sTarBR home after losing to Renegade while Manny attempted to make his run, defeating Envore. However, he didn’t make it past the next round, where Vemzii won the series 2-0 and went on the face StelluR, who was sent to Loser’s Finals by Renegade. Vemzii won yet again, 2-0, and made his way to the Grand Finals for a rematch against Renegade. His streak ended there though, with Renegade taking home the Championship and winning the series, 3-1. For more information on the event, head to Mogul. Esports Arena has confirmed that they will be returning to weekly 4v4 tournaments on Sunday, May 23rd.