Sentinels Halo 5 SEN/D Off Tournament Results – 6/6/2021

Sentinels sent off Halo 5 with a bang, throwing a $30,000 open 4v4 tournament. Thirty-two teams entered into the tournament to fight through the double-elimination Open Bracket and land one of the Top Four spots which would secure their spot in the Championship Bracket, where they would be put up against each other as well as Sentinels, Envy, Cloud9, and Inconceivable in another double-elimination bracket to determine the victor.

Coming out of the Open Bracket were Pittsburgh Knights, FLYERS, Falling Esports, and KC Pioneers. Falling Esports were sent to the Loser’s Bracket after facing Sentinels in Winner’s Round 1 and were then sent home after being defeated by KC Pioneers in Loser’s Round 1. Pittsburgh Knights first went up against Cloud9, but unfortunately for them luck wasn’t on their side. In Loser’s Round 1 they saw the same fate against FLYERS and were eliminated. Inconceivable also lost to Cloud9 in Winner’s Round 2 and faced their second loss against KC Pioneers, finishing 5th/6th alongside Sentinels, who lost to Envy and FLYERS. KC Pioneers saw their run come to an end in Loser’s Semi-Finals where they faced off against FLYERS and placed 4th. FLYERS went on to play Envy, who lost to C9, in Loser’s Finals and beat them in a series that went the distance. After an incredible run through the Loser’s Bracket, FLYERS made their way to the Grand Finals. C9 made it look easy, however, sweeping them 3-0 and remained undefeated in the tournament. Check out the Top Eight results below along with the Championship bracket. You can find the Open Bracket and more information about the tournament at it’s page on