Spacestation Gaming Announce Two Roster Members

Newly announced org to HCS, Spacestation Gaming, has been teasing the revealing of two members from their Halo roster the past week and today, they announced that Tylenul and Ace will be making up the first half of the team.

Ace is no stranger to competitive Halo. He recently was awarded the 16th spot in HCS’s Top 25 Players of All Time list and was on the Mantra team that won the last Halo LAN, Dreamhack Anaheim.

Tylenul is best known for his Halo 3 2v2 gameplay, so it will be interesting to see him competing in 4v4 more often than he has. He has a pretty big community/following on Twitch and has hosted multiple online tournaments for the community alongside Tommy Kost (TnT).

Congratulations to both Spacestation Gaming, Tylenul, and Ace. We’re looking forward to seeing who the remaining two players are.