Esports Arena Halo 5 4v4 Results – 10/10/2021

The Top Eight from yesterday’s weekly Esports Arena Halo 5 4v4 tournament consisted of a variety of players from different regions, with teams from NA, LATAM, and EU taking the top three spots. In the end, Console Gamers (NA) claimed the championship over Fire N Ice (LATAM), not dropping a series. Halo 5 2021 finished in third and featured three of EU’s top players alongside Scaryotic, from NA, after defeating LATAM squad Solid (LATAM) in Loser’s Round 7. Void (LATAM) and Exile Gaming (NA) both took fifth/sixth and rounding out the Top Eight was Team NEXTX (NA) and Gerbils (NA). You can view the results below along with the brackets and sign up now for next week’s tournament.