The Chiefs Announce Roster

The top esports organization in the Australia/New Zealand region have entered Halo. The Chiefs will be represented by Barcode, Madsy, Prat, and Pipz with coach FlexRainZ.

The roster competed in the first two Open Series tournaments and Raleigh Qualifier under Nutribullet where they took home back-to-back-to-back championships. Barcode and Madsy have had success teaming together in the past, taking home multiple first place finished in the ANZ Halo 5 Pro Series. Pipz also has multiple ANZ Halo 5 Pro Series victories and Prat placed first at the Halo Australia Queensland Logan City LAN in 2019.

The team has shown dominance in their region and we’re looking forward to see how they perform at the Raleigh Major. Congratulations to the team and org!