Raleigh Major Need to Know for Attendees

With the Raleigh Major taking place in a week, we thought we’d share some things you need to know if you’re attending the event:


  • Friday, December 17th
  • Saturday, December 18th
  • Sunday, December 19th



  • Entrance on Salisbury Street will be the only entrance open
  • Digital or printed tickets will be accepted and scanned at the door
  • Friday
    Check-in: 8AM
    VIP/Players: 9AM
    General Admission: 10AM
  • Saturday
    Check-in: 8AM
    VIP/Players: 8:30AM
    General Admission: 9AM
  • Sunday
    Check-in: 8AM
    VIP/Players: 8:30AM
    General Admission: 9AM

COVID Protocol

  • Everyone, every day, must complete and attest to their health status in the Microsoft Health Check Web App
  • Attendees must present proof of vaccination via Microsoft Health Check App
    • Vaccinations must be approved by CDC/WHO
  • Non-vaccinated attendees must provide proof of negative COVID-19 PCR test results from within at least the prior 72 hours each day and photo ID each time they enter the venue
    • Rapid test/home test results will not be accepted
  • Masks are required to be worn by everyone (staff, players, spectators, etc) at all times per state law
    • Subject to change per organizer, local and federal guidelines

Age Requirements

  • Competitors must be at least 13 years of age.
  • Spectators between the ages of 13 and 17 require signed parental consent form
  • Spectators under the age of 13 must be accompanied by guardian
    • Children under the age of two will not require a ticket, but must be accompanied by guardian and require a signed parental consent form

Bags are allowed in the venue but must be clear and 12″x12″x6″ or smaller


  • All players must provide
    • Preferred wired Xbox controller or Mouse and Keyboard
    • USB cord for peripheral(s)
    • Headset with no power outlet and 3.5mm plug
    • Wired earbuds (needed for Feature Stations and Main Stage)
  • Rules
  • Handbook
  • Code of Conduct

You can find a full list of frequently asked questions and more information over on Halo Waypoint.