HCS ANZ Pro Series Results – 1/4/2022

The first Major has come and gone and the HCS Pro Series has started. Teams from ANZ competed in the Open Series to try and earn themselves a spot in the Pro Series and claim the top spot. Nuke and Pave, Malicious, Dehtrupter Fans, and 1620 Kings were the four teams that came out of the Open Series and competed in the Pro Series along with The Chiefs, Dire Wolves, Mindfreak, and Divine Mind.

Dire Wolves, who were the fourth seed, were eliminated after losing two matches to Malicious and Dethrupter Fans along with 1620 Kings, who received two losses to Mindfreak and Nuke and Pave. In Losers Round 2, Mindfreak, the third seed, were sent home by Dethrupter Fans while Nuke and Pave received their second loss to Malicious.

Dethrupter Fans, who received their first loss from The Chiefs, were able to fend off Malicious in Losers Semifinals but were unable to get their revenge in Losers Finals against The Chiefs and were eliminated from the tournament.

Divine Mind had sent The Chiefs to the Losers Bracket after defeating them in Winners Finals, but The Chiefs had made their return in the Grand Finals where they were able to reset the bracket, and come out on top once again.

You can view the VOD of the Pro Series below along with the results of the Pro Series and check the links for the brackets.

HCS ANZ Open Series 1/2 on FACEIT
HCS ANZ Pro Series 1/4 on FACEIT