Rob the Turtle Departs

Complexity roster member, Rob the Turtle, has announced that he will be resigning from the starting roster and stepping back from competing. In a TwitLonger, he states that he will remain a sub for Complexity.

Wanted to update everyone and let people know I’m stepping down from Complexity’s Halo team. After returning from HCS Anaheim where our team had a great time competing despite placing top 16, I was tired, in quite a lot of physical pain, and had so much to think about. I took a red eye home Sunday night so I could work Monday, which was a disaster. And as my lifeless body worked on Monday I asked myself- do I really want to do this? As many know I work full time and my career is very important to me- I have a wife and an expensive mortgage that I have to maintain. Since November Triton and I set out to go pro and be the best players we could be, and by and large, we had some decent success. However as time has gone on it has become clear that my responsibilities are too much to balance with competing full time, and it was completely sucking the life out of me. Scheduled scrims 5 times a week plus open series, pro series, and live events is an unsustainable schedule for someone who works full time. My performance at Anaheim was solid and I am not stepping back because I don’t have the gunny to hang, more so I don’t have the drive/will to dedicate myself further. My teammates are all GOATs and I want them to succeed, and I don’t want my lack of energy/drive to be the reason the team fails. Thus I made a hard decision to sit back and let them pick someone up who can dedicate themselves fully to the cause. I will remain a sub for Complexity Halo in the event they need someone due to personal emergency’s/COVID/whatever. This also doesn’t mean I am completely disappearing from Halo, I plan on sticking around for FUN, rather then to be the best. Much love to the Halo community, until next time.