HCS Open Championship Pools – All Regions

The HCS Open Championships for the ANZ, MX, EU, and NA regions are taking place this weekend and the stakes are high. The top two teams from each tournament will be awarded travel coverage to the upcoming Major in Kansas City, taking placing from April 29th to May 1st. Of all the teams that registered for the tournaments, the Top 16 teams by 4v4 HCS Points from each region were selected to compete. The Pools have been revealed and you can view them below.


Pool A – Divine Mind, Dire Wolves, Next, 1620 Kings

Pool B – BBR, Demons, GIV3TH4MTIM3, Digital Nation


Pool A – Altar Esports, Cinta Negra Esports, Jaguars B, Chosen Squad

Pool B – Cruelty, Team SMOG, Beyond Reason, Jaguars


Pool A – BLVKHVND EU, Team 7, Funday League, Morning Of

Pool B – Vexed Gaming, Method2Madness, Team Timmy, pingU

Pool C – Flying Dutchman, Your Org Here, SMHA, waarismegeld

Pool D – Team Twisted, Deonkwovcok III, Le Hazi, Clutch City


Pool A – Complexity, ESA Blue, The Hvnd, Notorious

Pool B – Oxygen Esports, Shopify Rebellion, Final, Villains

Pool C – G1, Torrent, BLVKHVND, Exo Esports

Pool D – BBG, Incognito, Point Check, Snaked and Heated