CTF Sudden Death Update

With the release of the latest patch for Halo Infinite, changes have been made to the Sudden Death timer in Capture the Flag matches. Sudden Death will now begin when the round’s time is over and an outcome-affecting flag is away from its base. The example’s provided are:

  • If Cobra team is winning 1-0 and only Eagle team’s flag is Away, it will not trigger Sudden Death.
  • If Cobra team is winning 1-0 and Cobra team’s flag is Away, it will trigger Sudden Death.
  • If Cobra and Eagle teams are tied, either team’s flag being Away will trigger Sudden Death.

The Sudden Death timer will be paused if any outcome-affecting flag is contested and the timer will be reset if the flag is picked up. If both team’s flags are returned, the Sudden Death timer will expire and the round will end. The changes made apply to both normal rounds and overtime rounds and has been applied in Arena as well as the custom game ranked variants. You can read the full patch notes at Waypoint.