HCS Kansas City Results 4v4 & FFA – 5/1/2022

Image via David Doran.

The second major of the 2022 HCS Season concluded this weekend in Kansas City and it was one for the books. The tournament provided some insane matches and plays, some of the best we’ve seen and for the first time (at least as far as we can remember) two teams from the EU region finished in the Top 8. Below we provided the Top 8 teams from the Major along with some links to where you can find VOD’s, brackets, and more.

Pool Play Results


4v4 Brackets

FFA Brackets



  • G2 Esports – Str8 SicK, Gilkey, Sab, Tusk
  • FNATIC – Envore, SuperCC, Sceptify, Juziro
  • G1 – Squallaye, PreDevoNatoR, Toni2turnt, Swish
  • XSET – Articc, Cratos, Suspector, Suppressed


  • Spacestation – Ace, Rammyy, Kuhlect, Tylenul
  • Complexity – Tritonjb, MoNsTeR, Hysteria, Vetra
  • EMGG – Jk, Flurriously, GoldStarBR, Diagram
  • Pittsburgh Knights – Tapping Buttons, Drift, Atzo, Bullet


  • Built By Gamers – Nemassist, KingJay, Minds, Boam
  • Red Wolves – ShocKiLL, Precision, Parzeli, Groovy
  • BLVKHVND EU – SoSnakey, Riotz, Lunny, Phlux
  • JLINGZ Esports – Qristola, Septiq, Quad, Morguhhh


  • The Chiefs – Pipz, Madsy, Slayz, Barcode
  • NAVI – Jimbo, Respectful, tuf0xy, Kimbo
  • Luminosity Gaming – CyKul, Neuronical, Karmea, Piggy
  • Cruelty – Nugget, Rinnegan, DanyKnight, iDragoniak