Bubu Dubu Now A Free Agent

Announced today via Twitter, bubu dubu is now a free agent.

Formerly on FaZe Clan, bubu placed third with the team in Raleigh, top eight in Anaheim, and top six in Kansas City. He also stated:

Technically I wasn’t dropped because all the players on the potential roster wanted me on the team, but due to org complications I am being left off what would have been the best roster I’ve ever been on.

Rostermania has been sweeping the scene since Kansas City with rumors and speculations about a majority of the teams. This new FaZe team that bubu dubu has mentioned will include one of his now ex-teammates, Falcated, as confirmed by bubu:

Not making this tweet for people to feel sorry for me, but rather giving a little insight on the situation. GL to my duo @Falcated_ with the new team hopefully we can reunite in the future