Halo Infinite September 2022 Update

In the latest update from 343 Industries regarding Halo Infinite, we were told and shown a few things that are coming to and will affect the competitive side of the game.

While describing his team’s goals, Sean Baron, Head of Halo Infinite Live Services, stated that two (not all) priorities his team has set are:

  • Competitive & Fair
    • Players can expect an experience that is competitive and fair – skill & teamwork should be the path to victory
      • MP Gameplay performance
      • Additional ranked options & matchmaking improvements
      • Server and in put matchmaking options
      • Anti-cheat improvements
  • Stable & High Quality
    • Players can expect a smooth, quality experience with few technical flaws
      • Stability & performance improvements
      • Customization experience upgrades
      • UI/UX improvements

Joseph Staten, Head of Creative, announced the next Arena map coming November 8th in the Winter Update, Argyle.

  • Created in Forge
  • Larger footprint
  • Dual grappleshot spawns
  • Dual sniper spawns

Staten also teased another new Arena map coming in Season 3 on March 7th, but the only details revealed is that it is asymmetrical, emphasizes environmental control/ownership of power positions, plays great with Strongholds/King of the Hill/Slayer/One-Flag CTF, and has a high risk/high reward Gravity Launcher.

After seeing leaks of a new weapon and piece of equipment, Staten confirmed that they are coming in Season 3. However, they were not confirmed if they will be in Arena or not.

Shroud Screen

  • Meant for arena-denial
  • Opaque: Can’t see in or out
  • Can be penetrated by bullets, grenades, players, etc
  • Players inside will not be detected on radar (even when firing)
  • Comes with two charges (uses)
  • Players can hold maximum of four charges

Bandit Rifle

  • Inspired by Halo: Reach DMR
  • Goal to be effective at close range
  • No scope (can still ADS)
  • No descope

Below you can watch the full video of the Update from Ske7ch, Sean Baron, and Joseph Staten and view the roadmap graphic released: