HCS Melbourne ANZ Regional Championship Results – 9/4/2022

The final Regional of the season took place over the weekend in Melbourne, Australia. At DreamHack Melbourne, ANZ’s best came to the Margaret Court Arena to prove themselves as the best in the region and claim their share of the $50,000 prize pool. In addition to the throne, the first place team also secured themself a spot in Pool Play at HCS Orlando. The top three teams also received travel and accomodations to the upcoming Orlando Major.

The event started with Pool Play where the number one seed, Divine Mind, and second seed, The Chiefs, came out on top. The rest of the teams finished as expected with Mindfreak and Dire Wolves taking second, Kitbash and Team Immunity finishing third, and the Open Bracket teams, Bandits and Vertex ESC ending fourth in their Pools. The Championship Bracket was set.

Mindfreak and Dire Wolves both took Round 1 of the Winners Bracket, with Mindfreak beating Kitbash 3-0 and Dire Wolves beating Team Immunity, 3-1.

Digital Nation, one of the teams from the Open Bracket who placed in the bottom four, defeated Bandits in Elimination Round 1 while the final Open Bracket team, Second to None, were sent home by Vertex ESC. Digital Nation’s trip was cut short the next round, though, by Kitbash and Vertex advanced to Elimintation Round 3 after eliminating Team Immunity, 3-1.

Up in Winners Semifinals, Divine Mind were upset by Mindfreak and were sent to the Elimination Bracket after losing a Game 5 Team Slayer, 50-28, while Dire Wolves were swept by The Chiefs, 3-0.

In Elimination Round 3, Divine Mind came out on top winning 3-1 and Dire Wolves defeated Vertex ESC, who went down swinging, 3-2. The next round would determine who would be the final team to earn themselves travel to North America at the end of the month to HCS Orlando.

Divine Mind were able to take the maps one, two and three: Streets KotH, Catalyst Slayer, and Live Fire Oddball and end Dire Wolves tournament run.

In Winners Finals, Mindfreak went up against The Chiefs while Divine Mind waited to find out who out their opponent would be. The series went the distance. Recharge Oddball and Live Fire Slayer went to The Chiefs, then Mindfreak won Streets KotH and Aquarius CTF. The final map, Streets Slayer, and the series was won by The Chiefs, 50-42. Divine Mind would have their chance at revenge.

Mindfreak kicked off the Elimination Final winning Bazaar CTF, 2-1. Divine Mind responded by taking the next map, Recharge Slayer, 50-44, and tieing the series 1-1. Mindfreak had a commanding lead in the third map, Streets Strongholds, which was almost lost, but fortunately for them they were able to close it out and won 250-234. The fourth and final map, Live Fire KotH, went to Mindfreak, 2-1 and once again Mindfreak pulled off the upset, sending the number one seed in the tournament home.

It was now Mindfreak’s chance at revenge. They would get another shot at The Chiefs, but would have to win two best-of-seven series in order to take them down. The series started off with Streets Strongholds and The Chiefs kicked it off with a win, 250-186. Aquarius Slayer was up next, which The Chiefs also won, 50-41. Looking to make quick work of Mindfreak, The Chiefs also won the next map Live Fire Oddball, 2-0. The Chiefs only needed one more map to take home the trophy, but Mindfreak weren’t going down without a fight. Mindfreak answered back taking Recharge KotH, 4-1, and Aquarius Slayer, 50-41. A reverse sweep was on the horizon. The Chiefs started out the sixth map, Catalyst CTF, with a bang, capturing the first flag in the first minute. They kept their foot on the gas, capturing two more flags and denying multiple attempts from the opposition. The Chiefs took the map, the series, and the tournament. They are the Champions of ANZ.