Halo World Championship 2022 Play-In Stage

The Halo World Championshp in Seattle, Washington is just around the corner and before Pool Play can conclude and the Championship Bracket begin, the Play-In Stage has to finish. Taking place the first day of the event, October 20th, the top two teams from each region that finished outside of the top 12 at the Orlando Major will compete in a double-elimination bracket where the top four teams will earn themselves the final spots in the Pools.

via HCS

From NA: Complexity and FNATIC

From EU: Acend and JLINGZ Esports

From MX: Spacestation Gaming and Team Cruelty

From ANZ: The Chiefs and Divine Mind

Here’s what the Upper and Lower Brackets looks like:

via HCS
via HCS

The action will begin at 12 PM PST. There are no spectators allowed the day of the Play-In Stage, but you can watch the matches on Halo’s Twitch channels and/or YouTube.