Snip3down Retires

Snip3down has announced his retirement from Halo. The legendary player teased the announcement yesterday (October 24th) on Twitter and today, posted a video making it official.

Starting in Halo 3 during the MLG era, Eric Wrona placed 7th at his first professional event under Team Ambush. He would quickly find success in the game and ended up on the legendary Str8 Rippin roster where he won four Championships, including one National Championship in 2008. During Halo: Reach he would placed at least Top 8 in 10 out of the 11 tournaments he competed in and then went on to win five Halo 4 events.

Snip3down was invited to compete in the PAX Prime Showdown in 2014, showcasing Halo 2 Anniversary, where he won alongside Pistola, StrongSide and Ace under eXcellence Gaming. Eric would then wind up on his second legendary squad, Evil Geniuses, with Lunchbox, Roy, and LethuL. The team would win five Championships in H2A and carry that momentum into Halo 5, winning the first event at X Games Aspen in 2016. Throughout the rest of Halo 5, Snip3down would win four more Championships and only place outside the Top 4 twice.

Wrona competed in multiple tournaments during the Halo 3 MCC era, finishing Top 3 or better in each one and then take a hiatus from Halo, switching to Apex Legends. The icon would find success in the game about a year after starting to compete, landing a spot on Rogue and then TSM.

When Halo Infinite launched many weren’t sure if Snip3down would come back to compete. FaZe Clan would announce their Halo roster, including Snip3down playing with bubu dubu, Falcated, and Bound. The team placed third at the 2021 Kickoff Major in Raleigh, Top 8 at HCS Anaheim, and Top 6 at the Kansas City Major. After some roster shakeups in the scene, Eric would find his way onto the eUnited roster with Rayne, RyaNoob, and Suspector. At the Orlando Major, the team would finish Top 6 and finish the season placing Top 8 at the 2022 Halo World Championship.

Snip3down exits Halo with one of the most storied careers. Awarded #6 in the Halo’s Top 25 Players of All-Time, he has won at least one event as a member of nine different teams. We would like to thank Eric for his dedication and contribution to the Halo space and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.



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