Season 3 Sandbox Updates

Season 3 of Halo Infinite is only a couple days away and with that comes updates to the game. Unyshek posted some of the changes we’ll see/experience in terms of the Sandbox:


  • New weapon: M392 Bandit
  • New equipment: Shroud Screen
  • Weapon balance updates
    • VK78 Commando will go from eight shots to kill to nine
    • Plasma Pistol charge time will increase from 1 second to 1.6 seconds and tracking will be adjusted
    • Ammo count for Bulldog, Heatwave, Shock Rifle, and Stalker Rifle will be reduced
    • Enemy footsteps will be harder to hear at a distance, but easier when close
    • Mangler, Energy Sword, Pulse Carbine will be removed from Ranked
    • Distruptor and Spike Grenades will receive more tuning
  • Network Improvements
    • Rubberbanding is less likely to occur when moving or sprinting immediately after a match starts.
    • Ammo, Equipment, and Grenades counts are more consistent after entering and exiting a vehicle.
    • On the map Behemoth, players are now less likely to experience rubberbanding while using the Grappleshot to pick up a weapon from a Power Weapon pad.
    • Vehicles are now less likely to desync when players use the Repulsor against them.
    • Melee attacks are now more likely to register while holding a Power Seed.

You can check out the full blog post over on Waypoint.