Lady Spartans Saturday Series

Community member MagickMoonshot is teaming up with Paidia Gaming to put on the Lady Spartans Saturday Series, a 4v4 tournament series for the female spartans out there from any region.

The series will consist of (three) Qualifiers taking place on March 18th, March 25th, and April 8th. During the Qualifiers, teams will earn points to be used for seeding in the Finale which will be held on April 15th. The Finale has a prize pool of $500 currently with the chance to increase. All tournaments will have a double-elimination bracket and use HCS settings.

The tournaments will be broadcasted on MagickMoonshot’s Twitch channel as well as be casted by MagickMoonshot and GraceFace. The admins working behind the scenes will be Artius Legend and Darth Honor.

To sign up, join the Women of Halo Discord.