Str8 SicK Steps Away From Competitive Halo

This week, Cory “Str8 SicK” Sloss announced via Twitter that he will be stepping down from competing in Halo.

Cory wasn’t a stanger to the Main Stage. He had competed professionally in every Halo title since Halo 2 on teams like FNATIC, Str8 Rippin, Team Allegiance, and G2 Esports. He has multiple FFA Championships as well as Top 4 finishes in 4v4 in multiple titles.

The seasoned veteran stated “The online experience has been grueling for me” and that although he will no longer be competing, he will not be a stranger to the community. In a TwitLonger, he said that he be offering coaching lessons via Metafy and focusing on his stream/content.

I wont be going anywhere Halo community. You guys will always have my heart.