HCS 4k DreamHack Dallas Qualifier Results – All Regions – 5/13/2023

This week’s 4k Open Series were also Qualifiers for the upcoming HCS Global Invitational at DreamHack Dallas. The first place teams from ANZ, EU, and MX secured themselves a spot at the Invitational along with the top two teams from NA. Each tournament also awarded double the HCS Points than a normal Open Series would and FaZe sponsored the one for NA, increasing the prize pool to $15,000. Below we’ve posted the top eight teams from each Qualifier along with links to FACEIT where you can view Pool Play results and brackets. The DreamHack Dallas Global Invitational takes place from June 2nd through June 4th in Dallas, TX.

ANZ – Pool PlayBracket

EU – Pool PlayBracket

NA – Pool PlayBracket

MX – Pool PlayBracket