Precision Released from Shopify

Announced today, Shopify Rebellion have released Precision from the roster. Thank you @PrecisionGOW 💚 — Shopify Rebellion (@ShopifyRebels) December 1, 2022 Precision joined the team this past September and competed alongside MentaL, Cherished, and […]


Spacestation Announce New Roster

Spacestation Gaming have announced their new roster heading into the 2023 season. CONTINUING THE LEGACY@Bound2K @KevinEcoSmith @Pznguin @StelluR @Elamite WELCOME HOME — Spacestation Gaming (@Spacestation) November 28, 2022 Previously, Eco, StelluR, Penguin, and Bound […]


Cloud9 Bids Farewell to Halo

Cloud9 announced today on Twitter that they have released their Halo team. Multiple trophies, years of dedication, and memories we’ll never forget. For all you’ve done for the C9 family – THANK YOU, C9 HALO! […]