Midsummer Mayhem II Halo: CE 3v3 Results – 7/15/2023

Halo Infinite isn’t the only competitive Halo taking place today. The Midsummer Mayhem II tournament was held yesterday. This 3v3 tournament had a double-elimination bracket and was played on Halo: CE MCC. The tournament was put on by FiZZy and sunzaL as a part of the 2023 Halo 1 Circuit. The circuit consists of three 3v3 qualifier tournaments leading into the Grand Championship. Midsummer Mayhem is the first of the three, followed by Guns of August II on Saturday, August 19th and Autumn Falls II on Saturday, September 23rd. Each has a $500 prize pool and the Grand Championship is currently sitting at $2,500. Below are the top eight teams and brackets from Midsummer Mayhem II. If Halo: CE is your game of choice in the franchise, check out the Halo 1 Circuit Discord.