HCS Fort Worth Results – 9/3/2023

HCS Fort Worth was the site of the final Major of the 2023 HCS Season. Held at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas, teams from every region gathered to compete, prove themeselves, and earn a piece of the $250,000 prize pool as well as secure a spot at the 2023 Halo World Championship. The top eight teams from the event would earn a spot at the HWC regardless of region. As for the ANZ and MX regions, if no teams from the regions finished in the top eight, the Pool Play team would face off in a play-off against the highest placed team from the region that competed in the Open Bracket. In HCS Major tradition, there was also a Free-For-All tournament in addition to the 4v4 that yielded a $5,000 prize pool. Below we’ve posted the top 16 results from the 4v4 and the top eight from the FFA along with links to the brackets. The next stop in the season is the final one and that’s the Halo World Championship in Seattle, Washington, taking place from October 13th through 15th.

Open Bracket | Pool Play | Championship Bracket | Free-For-All


9th/12th – Native Gaming White – Mikwen, Tapping Buttons, Kuhlect, Suspector

9th/12th – LVT – KingJay, Diagram, Piggy, Sab

9th/12th – Complexity – King Nick, Karmea, Gilkey, Tusk

9th/12th – NAVI – Snipedrone, Jimbo, zMightys, Glory

13th/16th – Cloud9 – Rammyy, Sceptify, Triton, Nemassist

13th/16th – Mindfreak – Scoobmeistr, Plasma, Pipz, Benjy

13th/16th – Impact – Phlux, Respectful, Mose, Septiq

13th/16th – Alpha Esports – Bullet, Sepstars, Leuor, Strikeyy