Season 5: Reckoning Trailer & Information

Season 5 of Halo Infinite is just around the corner and today, 343 Industries have released a trailer showing us the goodies that are coming with it. The season, titled Reckoning, will begin right after the Halo World Championship on October 17th.

Two new maps, called Prism and Forbidden are coming to the Arena playlist as well as the Halo 4 favorite game mode, Extraction. In the video below from IGN, you can watch some gameplay of Extraction on Prism and CTF on Forbidden.

Forbidden is a symmetrical map that gives Sanctuary/Warlock vibes. In Kotaku’s article from Claire Jackson, she states that 343 Multiplayer Level Designer, Cliff Schuldt, said the map was specifically designed for Capture the Flag. From the video, we see that there are two sniper rifles as power weapons and the Overshield as the power-up. Prism gives off a Covenant feel, with the purple/pink glow from the crystals illuminating the cave. Overshield is seen as the power-up as well as the Skewer and Pinpoint Needler as power weapons. However, there’s no confirmation/information on whether or not these weapons will stay on the maps or not.

Also seen in the gameplay video is the new Bandit Evo variant, which has a 1.6x scope compared the original Bandit, which doesn’t have one. Many are speculating that this will be the new starting weapon that Tashi has been teasing come next year.

Along with the new maps, mode, and weapons is also new armor customization. You will be able to add Flood items to your Spartan and weapons as well as being able to equip any helmet across all of the armor cores. Players who earn the Hero rank will also be rewarded with the Mark VI Armor Kit as seen in the campaign.

via IGN

The Battle Pass will be getting re-worked for Season 5, going from 100 tiers to 50 tiers. Now, items like left and right shoulder armor will be rewarded together, rather than separate. You can read more about the new Battle Pass over at Waypoint.