FaZe Clan $50K Invitational

EDIT: The prize pool has been increased to $75,000 after a donation from HCS that derived from crowdfunding.

HCS partnered org FaZe Clan, in partnership with Nissan, have announced the FaZe Clan Halo Infinite Invitational, a 4v4 $50,000 tournament featuring some of the best teams in North America. There will be an open Qualifier on April 12th consisting of a double-elimination bracket where the top four teams will be invited to the main event to compete with eight other invited teams. The main event will consists of a GSL-style group stage with two teams from each group advancing to the double-elimination bracket (eight teams total). The tournament will be broadcasted on FaZe Clan’s Twitch channel as well as Nerd Street’s Twitch channel where viewers will have the chance to win giveaways. The first place team will receive $25,000, second gets $15,000, third place wins $7,500, and fourth gets $2,500. You can sign up for the Qualifier now over at Nerd Street’s website and be sure to tune in on April 16th and 17th.