6K and Luminosity Swap Places at Arlington

The HCS Arlington Major is a little over a week away. Pools were announced by HCS last week, but today a change has been made.

Coach for Six Karma Esports, DrSobrio, posted a screenshot today from an Esports Engine employee that stated that Six Karma will be taking Luminosity Gaming’s spot in Pool C at the Major due to LG player, Magico, not being able to attend. Six Karma was the second seeded team from the MX region and secured travel to the event, but since only one MX team made Pool Play, they were going to have to compete starting in the Open Bracket. Luminosity will now take 6K’s spot in the Open Bracket with their sub.

Roster lock for teams securing Pool Play/travel stipends was on June 11th which is why the swap is happening. LG had to compete at HCS Charlotte with player, Atzo, as a sub after Magico was unable to attend that even as well.