JLINGZ Leaves Halo

JLINGZ Esports has departed from Halo and the HCS. The EU- based organization, owned by professional football/soccer athlete Jesse Lingard, put out a statement via Twitter today announcing the move, giving the lack of opportunity for European Halo teams as the main reason.

As a professional esports organization, we always strive to provide the best opportunities and support for our players. However, given the circumstances and the lack of clarity surrounding the European Halo scene, we believe it is in the best interest of our organization to take this step back.

In 2022, Regional LAN events were held for each region in the HCS. DreamHack Valencia was the one held for the EU region. These were removed from the schedule in 2023, leaving only online tournaments, which have basically come to a halt since the first Global Invitational of this year, the only region-specific tournaments available to compete in. Teams from around the world are all able to compete at the Majors, but obviously that comes at a (high) cost if one of the few spots that are funded by the HCS aren’t earned.

The players, Respectful, Clonely, Septiq, and tuf0xy have all been released from their contracts.

You can read the orgs full statement here.