Native Gaming Release Barcode

Announced today, Barcode has been released from Native Gaming White.

Barcode was unable to attend the Arlington Major, due to visa issues which the org states was behind the reason for the decision. Over on r/CompetitiveHalo, (former) Native White teammate of Barcode’s, Mikwen, stated that the org has been following their lawyer’s advice on the matter and that Barcode had applied for a P-1A Athlete visa.

“It doesn’t make sense to me either, and this shit sucks balls but this is truly not the fault of anyone.”

It seems that the decision came as a surprise to Barcode, tweeting “Equally as shocked but sometimes gotta play the cards youre dealt.”

Hopefully all works out for Barcode so he’s able to stay and compete in the NA region. He’s shown that he deserves a spot amongst the best.