Halo World Championship Results – 10/15/2023

This weekend was the culmination of a year of competition. The 2023 Halo World Championship put the greatest Halo teams from around the world to the ultimate test for the ultimate award, the title of Halo World Champion and a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool. The event started with Pool Play, where the fourth placed team from each pool were eliminated from the competition. The rest were put into the double-elimination Championship Bracket, with the third place team from each Pool starting in the Elimination portion. Teams battled it out in best-of-five series until only two remained. History was made in the Grand Finals, as we saw our first team (in Halo Infinite) come from the Elimination Bracket, reset the bracket, and take the crown. Carrying on the tradition, there was also a $25,000 Free-For-All competitiong held as well. Below are the results from the event.

4v4 – Pool PlayChampionship Bracket

9th/12th: Native Gaming White – Tapping Buttons, Mikwen, Suspector, Kuhlect

9th/12th: Gamers First – Huss, Precision, Swish, Boam

9th/12th: Luminosity Gaming – Atzo, Drift, Noble, Acid

9th/12th: Complexity – Tusk, King Nick, Karmea, Gilkey

13th/16th: Divine Mind – Slayz, BZIIRK, Noobles, Swayz

13th/16th: Cloud9 – Triton, Rammyy, Nemassist, Sceptify

13th/16th: LVT – KingJay, Piggy, Diagram, Sab

13th/16th: Ascending Baseline – Phlux, Respectful, Mose, Septiq

FFA – Bracket