Native Gaming Signs Ex-Pioneers Roster

After the Kansas City Pioneers announced their departure from Halo, we were all left wondering which org would be the ones to pick the Top 6 team up. Rumors started circulating that Spacestation Gaming attempted to sign the roster, but another organization had already grabbed them. It now appears that Native Gaming has signed the four.

Esports personality, Jake Sucky, tweeted the following:

This left some confused, as Native Gaming had just announced their Halo roster earlier this month. On subreddit, r/CompetitiveHalo, people were showing concern/remorse for player Native-player, KingJay, thinking that he was going to be getting dropped not long after his former org, Built By Gamers, exited the HCS. KingJay responded with:

Thank you all for the concern, we are still apart of the org. Fielding two teams welcome the KCP boys to N8V. Guess we’re the little brother team now 🤣

The org will be competing with two teams, something we’ve seen from other orgs from other regions in the HCS do as well. BLVKHVND are fielding a team in Europe as well as North America and CintaNegra Esports had a few teams compete at the MX Regional.

The ex-KCP roster has qualified for Pool Play at the HCS Orlando Major while the other Native Gaming roster will be competing in the Open Championship to try and earn travel coverage to the Major.