Snip3down No Longer Playing with FaZe Roster

After seeing some scrims without Snip3down, many speculated that he is no longer apart of the team. On his stream, Snip3down confirmed he is no longer playing with Falcated, Renegade, and Spartan.


He describes his time with the team as the “worst experience I’ve ever had on a team ever,” states that new member, Renegade, never wanted to be on the team and was supposed to be on Sentinels, but after that fell through Cloud9 wouldn’t take him back. That landed him on FaZe and he is “miserable.”

Snip3down said he didn’t feel respected on the team and the other members didn’t want him on the team to begin with.

You got to be friends and let me tell you right now, I was not. We don’t see alike at all. I’m not a negative person. I’m not a fucking hater and I just didn’t fit into that fucking group of people. In game or in life.

The team of Falcated, Renegade, and Spartan have been scrimming with former eUnited and Pioneers player, Nick. As for Snip3down, he denies any rumors about his retirement: