UberNick x Oats Overnight “Oatagon” 1v1 Tournament

Spacestation Gaming’s UberNick and team sponsor Oats Overnight have announced a 1v1 tournament taking place this Saturday, March 18th. The “Oatagon” Tournament will feature a special-made octagon map and use Bandit Rifle/Sniper starts with bottomless magazines. The first player to reach a score of 50 will win the match.

Players will fight their way through a single-elimination bracket to be crowned Champion and earn a piece of the $750 prize pool. First place will receive $500 and the runner-up will win $250.

There will also be a showmatch taking place before the Top 8 face-off featuring the SSG HCS team and other HCS Grassroots content creators: Bound vs UberNick, StelluR vs Alyek, Eco vs LouisVTitan, and Penguin vs OathxX.

You can sign-up now (it’s free) for the competition over at Challonge, but act fast because there’s a 128 player cap. All players are required to join the Oats Octagon Discord for tournament communication. Don’t forget to download the correct map and mode for the tournament!