Spacestation Moving on From Roster

EDIT: Spacestation has put out a tweet confirming that they’ve dropped their roster and hinting at a new team.

Players from Spacestation Gaming have tweeted out that they are restricted free agents.

After a disappointing first year (so far) in the HCS, it appears that SSG are moving on from their roster of Ace, Tylenul, Suppressed, and Kuhlect. One of the founding partnered orgs, SSG has struggled to find a consistent roster, making multiple changes since the Raleigh Major last year.

The team started the HCS Season with Ace, Tylenul, Tusk, and Deciting/Ziyon. They placed Top 8 at the Kickoff Major in Raleigh. Tusk was replaced with Flazin and the team finished Top 16 at the NA Regional. Kuhlect and Rammy were then picked up to replace Ziyon and Flazin and competed at the Kansas City Major where they again finished Top 16. About a month after KC, Rammyy was replaced with Suppressed and the team looked promising with some good placements in online tournaments, specifically placing third in one of the Pro Series. The team had another disappointing finish in the North American Super, placing Top 12. After a Top 6 placing in the most recent Open Series, the org looks to be making a change.