Native Gaming Parts With Red

Native Gaming has parted ways with their Native Red Roster.

The org fieled two rosters, Native Red and Native White, this past season. Red suffered from Visa issues and had to drop their longtime fourth member, Druk, at the beginning of the year and replaced him with Suppressed. Most recently, the team placed Top 6 at the 2023 Halo World Championship. The team and trio of Soul Snipe, Manny, and Taulek will not be sticking together come next year though. On Twitter, the players stated:

Taulek – Unrestricted F/A for the upcoming season.


Manny – Unrestricted F/A for year 3 appreciate native for everything they have done for us these past two years not gonna make a tweet convincing people on how much I wanna win just gonna let my actions do that


Soul Snipe – This is also probably a good time to announce that the long time team I’ve been apart of will be no longer, as I’ve found something new to be apart of this upcoming season that I couldn’t be more excited for.


Suppressed – I just want to thank Dean and Bryon for getting me on board for native gaming and throwing a chance on me…That being said I’m ready for this next chapter coming and I couldn’t be more excited for it

It seems like Soul Snipe and Suppressed have found new teams while Manny and Taulek are on the open market. We’ll be eagerly waiting to see where they all end up.